Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I thought: don’t go to a really exotic place if you have a dull life. If you do, you might end up killing yourself in an interesting way so that you can say: “I died in a really exotic place, and in an interesting way.”

I didn’t expect to see hundreds of centipedes crawling over each other like a swath of braided rope in precise formation and constant motion, but I did.

Today I saw the delicate grass fronds wither and disappear when I tried to touch them, and then they came back when I went away. (Metaphor?)

Today I decided that I would buy Charles Darwin a beer, were he to still want one.

Today I finally realized that I wouldn’t crush a scorpion if I saw one, because I did see one.

Today I saw my first real live coffee bean. I wanted to crush it SO badly!


Anonymous said...

That´s disgusting. The whole thing is disgusting. Is it real?

Arthur Q. Bryan said...

Dear Anonymous,

I am not sure what you mean by "whole thing" but the grass fronds (sleeping grass) and the centipedes are real. Scorpions are around, I saw them. Crushing a coffee bean wasn't real and killing yourself in an exotic place wasn't real. It all took place in Boquete. The Darwin was just a nod to the idea of what it takes to survive in some places (as in this one, for centipedes.)

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