Sunday, February 22, 2009



two gentlemen, at a bar

A: I took the liberty of ordering you a Cointreau.

B: That was very kind of you.

A: I wonder something ...

B: What?

A: I wonder, perhaps, if you know how to spell ‘Cointreau’?

B: ...

A: I suspected

B: I wish you would be hit by a truck and die.



two gentlemen somewhere–their names are unknown

A: James?

B: Yes?

A: Is that you?

B: Why do you think I said ‘Yes’?

A: Honestly, I do not know.



two men, one of whom hasn’t seen the other since Brazil

A: Henri – I haven’t seen you since Brazil!

B: Sí.

A: Do you remember the little mustachioed bus driver with the tiny little mustache?

B: The one who drove the bus down the ravine and the flames licked the bus until they reached the gasoline and the entire bus exploded?

A: Yes

B: Ah.

A: That was a long time ago.

B: It certain was.

B: Ah, yes.

A: How long ago, exactly, was it?

B: It was, approximately, 80 years ago.

A: I imagine then, the bus driver is dead by now.

B: I believe so. I believe that he died at the time.

A: The flames and gasoline?

B: Yes.

A: Hmmm.

B: Then why are we still alive?

A: I don't know. Let’s write letters to our friends.

B: Would that be appropriate under the circumstances?

A: Good question.

B: ?

A: Perhaps we could write letters to our imaginary friends.

B: OK.



two gentlemen, perhaps three, and a photograph of a palm tree

A: I found a picture of you hugging a palm tree.

B: Do you love me?

A: You were hugging it real tight like!

B: Do you love me?

A: Ask me again.

B: Do you love me?

A: Pardon me?

B: Love me?

A: Let me tell you some of the things that I love:

I love palm trees.

I love hugging.

Look at you in that picture!

C: What about him?

B: Who is that??

A: That’s C. Hi ya, C!

C: Hello.

A: Can you stand very still and pretend that you are hugging a palm tree?

C: That I can.

A) I do love this life!

B: I believe that I do not love this life.

exeunt omni

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