Tuesday, February 24, 2009


In order to celebrate the fact that Fats Waller's FAT & GREASY is playing on the victrola (or maybe it's just an unsettling serendipity) I am pleased to announce the girthy arrival of the third in the Wavy trilogy: MAKE IT LONG & WAVY.

From the intro:

This bad boy clocks in at a mighty 224 pages – a mach 1 of no uncertain g force–at least for me. It is uncontestably the longest Wavy know to man–long and luxurious, though seldom silky smooth. There are slight fairy tales told, loads of food and tender feelings and thoughts as well as interviews. That's right! An interview! And with a farmer! Just one, though.

Available, as usual, from the Lulu Boys, over there, to your right.

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