Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today I made a telephone call.

Today I looked at Harpers November 1957 issue to try to figure out what age of phone call it was but it didn't fit into any of them.

Here's what I discovered about the ages of telephone calls today:

AGE ONE: lusty newcomer / wide-eyed wonder

AGE TWO: it is necessary to grow up / having particular pals

AGE THREE: two happy teenage hearts when she says "I'd love to go"

AGE FOUR: two starry-eyed young people starting a life together

AGE FIVE: earning a living / speedy, willing, ever-present helper

INTERMISSION: Dial M for Murder is on television tonight

AGE SIX: raising a family / how did we ever manage without it

AGE SEVEN: grandma / the cycle of life / sadness at the cycle of life / my god what happens next

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