Thursday, August 14, 2008

FROM 1992

Gerald Asher says "Damask Rose"
vis à vis Vendage Tardives, Alsace
within the world of the accepted wine grapes.

If you must prefer words,
I prefer "Chasselas," which
"will never

fetch a high price"

"it's Chasselas." Like a kick
in the groin obligé

routinely, like something
straight out of something

Monet, "my apples hugging
the ground and hiding
their white blossoms under
pasasols of leaves"
becomes you.

Yes, it's nice to be loved.

And yes,
it's a nice thing

to marinate.
When you
for me

"Come to Basmati, your
queen of fragrance,"

I was ready, for both.
Enraptured by

I marvelled

& shut down


your breath, both to taste
al dente–

and fluffy.

all artwork, including handsome monsters but not crinkly devilish types,
® mr. crispy flotilla, 2008

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