This witch was on television and she was beautiful and she played an electric guitar but only for one day that day in which she 
posed in front of a camera for a magazine. 

I am guessing that was 1966. And I am almost certain she had no idea that someone would be looking at her in these lovely bright beautiful clothes and also smiling about how different the world was then and perhaps in a way how much more beautiful and sweet and foolish because now it is 2017 but in fact that is what happened just the other day.

You might be the only person thinking these thoughts even though they are not unusual thoughts but only because you might be the only one looking at this photograph now, somewhat wistfully.  

If there is a magic to 2017, though, it is that you can take this photograph and all the wonderful thoughts it brings to your heart and put it and them on a computer and let everyone feel this in their hearts too. So in a way, there is something beautiful about the present, but it is of course partially about what it can do for us by bringing us the past, and whatever the past brings us and often does that by surprise. And it’s all because of the computers, that one day we never knew.


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