Pazo, they say, makes a complicated Albariño.
He takes a bottle, an ordinary bottle, and fills it
with peaches, lime, hibiscus, slate, flint and pineapple.

But this is not a bottle of Albariño.
And he takes this bottle and smashes it against a ship.

This ship also is not Albariño.
The ship set sail years ago.
Goodbye, ship!
Only Pazo knows the secret of Albariño.
With its heady flavors of peaches, lime, 
hibiscus, slate, flint and pineapple. 
Albariño is still a ship waiting.

And he knows it has nothing to do with nothing
that he has done so far in his life. Pazo has wasted
his life. He must walk out into the fields. He must
breathe the air. He must meet a girl. He must steal a grape.

Pazo is a complicated man.
He walks out into the field.
And that’s where the police find him.
Flint, and pineapple.
Pazo is Albariño.


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