Monday, June 13, 2016


Everybody reads JANE EYRE by Charlotte Brontë and I wanted to read something different by Charlotte Brontë so I read THE PROFESSOR which begins with a very loving letter written by a girl to a boy named William or should I say from William which I later discovered and it was all about their love for each other and naturally I assumed it is a girl writing the letter but I was wrong it was William. By the second chapter the letter is discovered to not have found its way to its lucky correspondent and so there is no more letter writing. Still, it made me about things. For example:

This boy that wrote this letter was a boy and not a girl.
John Kennedy was a boy and not a girl.
Fidel Castro is a boy, and not a girl.
Captain Kangaroo was a boy, then a man, then a kangaroo.
No he wasn’t a kangaroo!
Mr. Green Jeans wore jeans and was a boy.
The Professor could be a boy or a girl.
Professors are smart.
I enjoy salt water taffy upon occasion.

After that I thought:

Charlotte Bronté.
Charlotte Brontè.
Charlotte Brontê.
Charlotte Brontë.


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