Tonight there will be a deep freeze.
Take care to cover your hydrangeas.
There also will be snow in Pennsylvania.
And dancing bears in Alaska.

This afternoon I will be busy buying hydrangeas.
Because I like to cover things and live a life of secrecy.
I mean, they do. Until it’s warm.
And they don’t.

When I buy goats, which I do
I feed them to the doctors
because of what the doctors do
to the goats. It’s a long story.

From a movie I saw which was quite good:
let me tell you all about it.

An entrepreneur,  his unraveling.
His wife who loved him living
in their crumbling mansion.

His son who shot himself in the living room.
The people who believed and then didn’t.

After the movie, we had a hamburger.
And listened to quiet Beethoven.
It wasn’t frozen yet.

We quietly pulled up to where we were
and before you went away
you shone the light on my door
so I could see where to put the key

And so I put the key there
and then I said I think I’ll stay here
and then I stayed there forever
and then I left


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