Tuesday, August 04, 2015

After the show, we talked about the city we live in and how we don’t like it. We used to like it. But when we liked it, we never felt it was necessary to say that. We don’t even know who we would say it to. Somehow it seems right to say it now, that we no longer like it. We say it to the city that we used to like, although we never mentioned how we liked it when we did.

 We are drinking cinnamon whiskey and listening to music, in a different city tonight. It’s easier to talk this way. Soon we talk about moving back to the city we liked. No one says ‘That’s something that we cannot do.’  And no one seems bothered that we don’t. We like it here, in a city where we never think there is something we cannot do. This is unusual. So perhaps we will stay here instead. 

In a hundred years, what will we think of this terrible decision we made? 

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