Friday, May 08, 2015


I discovered that I could be paid to live in a ghost town in Montana and I liked it. There would be no running water or electricity but still I would like it. I would live in a little cabin. I would be able to walk outside between the buildings which are quite weathered and old and look at the sky which is tremendously blue and listen for the sound of laughter at night which would be sort of like watching television, or maybe listening to television, perhaps it would be more like the radio. There would be many stars and there would be no animals. There might be lizards. I would like that.
There is a man in Montana who runs this ghost town – even though I am not sure what that means - and I was told that he could answer all my questions and he did: 

Where do I get my food? (There is a store 30 miles away) Where is the nearest movie theatre? (100 miles away) Where do I take a shower? (There is an outdoor shower stall) Where would I wash my clothes? (In the outdoor shower stall) Would I make any friends? (No) What do you think of the town? (Eh) Are the buildings nice (No) and then finally I asked: Is there any other things I should know about this ghost town? (Yes) What? (There are no ghosts.)

Why would he say that, I wondered. There are only two possible reasons: because there are no ghosts, or because there are.

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