Saturday, March 14, 2015


Was strip steak ever called sirloin steak? I only ask because I notice that there is no one ever says sirloin steak anymore, which is what my father always said when I said “This is really good steak, what kind of steak is it?” and normally I never buy strip steak, and I never buy sirloin steak because it is not around and perhaps it is sirloin steak, this strip steak, but instead of strip instead of sirloin I buy ribeye steak or porterhouse steak or chuck roast with onions and carrots in a pinch for a pot roast although today the store had none of those, they had sirloin steak I’m sorry, strip steak, and so I bought that, and my son said “This steak is delicious...the only time I had steak better than this was in Montreal with Mom and it was $100” and so I wondered all about French steak and Canada and how you said strip steak in French and what happened to Expo ’67 and if I could ask my Dad these questions, but he is gone, and I miss him, oh, you know how you can miss your Dad, and all he knew about steak, as might a Dad, but lately I have been thinking about my wife, and how little she knew about steak, and how much I miss her, I really do, I wonder, what did she think of steak, what did she know about steak, would she like a steak, especially a sirloin steak if there ever was one, I bet she would, I was never able to ask, because first I wanted to ask her so many other things, I mean who cares about steak, I never got the chance to ask, but if she were here, I wouldn’t ask her about that, sirloin, I wouldn’t really even ask her about anything, I would be just so happy there wouldn’t be a thing in the world I would ask her, there wouldn’t be a thing I would need to know, I would know everything I needed to know, and I wouldn’t ask a thing.

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