Wednesday, April 30, 2014


The man on the television warned me that soon the ants would come, soon the moist warm weather would bring the ants, and that there was nothing I could do about it, for they would come, and they would come in hordes, and you better run for your mammy and your little blankey because here comes the ants and there is nothing you can do about it. Buddy.
Unless you place a trail of cornmeal along the edge of your sink. Ants can eat cornmeal, but they cannot digest it, and soon after eating it, they will die, and those who are close to them will die, and the rest will die as well, and you won’t have to worry about ants anymore and you will be able to rest and enjoy the world again and it will be sunshiny and sweet and everything said the beautiful lady with the chestnut hair and the blue blouse and the white shoes on television, the woman I loved much more than I loved the man on television would said you should run for my life, you better run for your life,  here come the ants, although I do love him, also, I love the excitement of loving him, oh so much, I do.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Somewhere in the land of Meadow Gold
a little girl in a blue and yellow dress
feeds vanilla ice cream to her little doll

who smiles even more than her mistress
although she could be laughing why

even dolls know they can’t eat ice cream
and can only sit in red chairs when they are
propped up just so

even dolls know that their limbs can only break
if they mistresses do all the work to make sure
they never run away

even dolls say

a lifetime of blue and yellow dress
of red chairs and matching pig tails
a lifetime of vanilla ice cream awaits me


for Earl Morrall

That he was.
And when he died,
they told of all the noble things 
he did. Everyone told something
grand, and there were so many grand
things to say. Then they came to Charlie.
And Charlie said “Yes sir. He was the king...”

but he didn’t stop there. “He was the King 
Charlie said, “of The Flat Tops.”

Thursday, April 24, 2014


I only own one ghost
and all she ever does
is steal the sheets at night
and laugh at me in the cold

she never makes eggs for me
she never gives me children

and I love her anyway 
and I love her still


I will wear three red things today.

My glasses. They are girl red.

My shirt. It is the opposite 
color of my blue shirt. 

My shoes. They are the same
color as red sneakers. 

That’s because we are all 
red sneakers.

It’s not a holiday. I am just
wearing red. 

Red Red Red.

Let’s stop for ice cream before
we go to the funeral parlor.

With cans of paint, red in our hands.

For who knows what.


I didn’t read the whole article. Although I did enjoy
the asteroid on the surface of the earth, resting
like a pale avocado. 

This asteroid was picked too early and is too hairy. 

The truth is, in the 30’s, everyone worked hard 
with their hands. The brave movie director would 
show hands and linger on them.

The cowardly movie director would not. Often a pair 
of hands would hold a wedding ring. One pair would 
hand the ring to the other. The couple would be young 

and filled with hope, but their hands were old and gnarled 
and could only think of rain, crops, the seasons, the sun, 
the future, sex, more sex, rain.

Some words need other words, like some people need 
other dogs, or people, or sometimes, a kite made out of 
onionskin, or even, at times, a metaphor. You ask me why 
now, because, I say, I am thinking of one: buttery. It needs 
someone. It needs someone the way I need something, 
walking out into traffic, not exactly smiling, but smooth, 
and certain.

There is less danger in a smooch than there is in a kiss.
A smooch is 3 decibels louder than a kiss. Nobody 
knows who just kissed me, but then again, nobody
knows who invented the decibel, but everyone knows

it was first used to quantify signal losses in telephone 
circuits in 1931: the year my Papa entered high school, 
four years before King Kong climbed the Empire State 
Building, four years, two hours, before King Kong died.

It’s funny: King Kong is always alive at the beginning
of the movie, and never alive at the end. This is the way
that sound travels, which is a nice way to say die, but no
better than what it is: is a logarithmic unit used to express 

the ratio between two values of a physical quantity:
the difference between this, and what you cannot see,
over yonder, which we often refer to as that.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


A child decides to grow a beard when he is four.
He doesn’t start shaving until he is sixteen.
By the time he is eighteen, the beard is fourteen.


I went into a spooky movie theatre
in order to look for spooks
but all I found were spooky chairs,
spooky rugs, spooky popcorn
a very spooky EXIT sign
and a desire in my heart
to eat Nonpareils
and stay put
until some of

I forgot
what spooky

Fred the Scientist said that the soul leaves the body
but the soul never leaves the world. Think of it, Fred 
said, as an electric current, connected to, say, a toaster.
Yes, you remove the plug from the wall, but that doesn’t 
mean that electricity no longer exists. Electricity is still coursingthrough the veins of your house. Electricity is 
like the soul. The soul is electric. The fiery light lives 
forever. The only thing that is not immortal, Fred said, 
between bites, is a lightning bolt, I mean, is toast.

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