Monday, November 11, 2013

BLUE BONNET from HEY (2013)


When I talk to you on the phone, your voice makes me think
of a blue bonnet. A blue bonnet and a fresh crate of strawberries.
A sun, really yellow, like the one in the picture book. When you
say, “Hey!” and then “It’s me, Faye” I wonder if it’s you, Faye.
When I wonder if it’s you, and I say “Is it really you?” you say
that something that reminds me of peanut butter sandwiches and
whipped cream, the most wonderful thing, and I wonder if that’s
true, the most wonderful thing anyone can do, you do. And
I wonder, because I love it, and you, and it sounds like me that
you are saying the most wonderful thing to.

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