Sunday, March 31, 2013


2012 would be the last year of NICE PRICE BOOKS, and we will miss it forever. Beyond and besides the extraordinary selections (an entire vinyl recording of Eastern Airline jingles? Abba's Does Your Mother Know / Kisses of Fire? Forty Singing Seamen and Other Poems?) it was, truly and sincerely, as close as our little town will ever get to producing the bastard child of CHEERS and HIGH FIDELITY.

Yes, everybody did know your name here, and they still do, but they cannot be found here. Or elsewhere. Nice Price, we never thought we would have to miss you, but now we do, and we do.

THE CRISPIES are an annual appreciation of 10 of the most wonderful things discovered over the course of the previous year, having been produced or created any time at all.

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