Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Opera by George Birchett

There are a thousand and one ways to hold your hand
to capture the light

and normally I would say Go ahead, do which ever way
you want

or even try one, and then another, for as long as you want but

this is an Opera and it must be done in only this one way

which is why I love Opera but why I plan on changing it

so that you can hold your hand two ways

but I really mean a thousand

the applause will be normal

I won’t really change Opera

I will just make a thousand more

operas that will hold your hand

just like you want and then

change it to help you

do what’s right

with your song

Thursday, February 16, 2012


This girl walks her boxer here all the time. I always laugh when I see it and wave and make all sorts of noises. She thinks I want to talk to her, really, but I just love that boxer. I don't really want to talk to her at all and I don't like dogs, but I do love this boxer. I mean, he's not a Sugar Ray Robinson boxer. He is just a plain boxer. He has a red leash that is wet and gross and there he goes he's running down the street now and she is yelling.


Did I have the dream, or did
the dream have a cup of tea.
It is unseasonably warm, and
that was my dream.


It’s Jane Seymour’s birthday today, and the Paper said she is 61, and it showed a picture of her looking beautiful. That can’t be her now, I thought, and so I looked her up. I typed in “Jane Seymour + Old” and I got the same beautiful pictures. I typed in “Jane Seymour + Over-The-Hill” and I got more beautiful pictures and even one with her naked. Oh, and she was beautiful. I typed in “Jane Seymour + Dead” and I got the third wife of Henry VIII and death by puerperal fever due to a bacterial infection on October 24, 1537, which was my Dad’s birthday and the day Jane Seymour died the one who wasn’t very attractive. Yuck, I thought, ugly, and then I had a great idea. I looked up “Jane Seymour + Yuck” and I got a book called YUM: A TALE OF TWO COOKIES with two cute kitty cats in overalls and many pictures of Jane Seymour in red dresses. I am getting warm, I thought. And it is surprising how often Jane Seymour wears red dresses. And the next pictures I came up was of Anthony Quinn, who looked young and virile, and filled with lust.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Saturday, February 04, 2012


The entire time I was in the air, I was trying to identify the bird that had me in its talons but I couldn’t do it. I felt stupid, and yet exhilarated on what seemed like a windy day.
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