Thursday, February 16, 2012


It’s Jane Seymour’s birthday today, and the Paper said she is 61, and it showed a picture of her looking beautiful. That can’t be her now, I thought, and so I looked her up. I typed in “Jane Seymour + Old” and I got the same beautiful pictures. I typed in “Jane Seymour + Over-The-Hill” and I got more beautiful pictures and even one with her naked. Oh, and she was beautiful. I typed in “Jane Seymour + Dead” and I got the third wife of Henry VIII and death by puerperal fever due to a bacterial infection on October 24, 1537, which was my Dad’s birthday and the day Jane Seymour died the one who wasn’t very attractive. Yuck, I thought, ugly, and then I had a great idea. I looked up “Jane Seymour + Yuck” and I got a book called YUM: A TALE OF TWO COOKIES with two cute kitty cats in overalls and many pictures of Jane Seymour in red dresses. I am getting warm, I thought. And it is surprising how often Jane Seymour wears red dresses. And the next pictures I came up was of Anthony Quinn, who looked young and virile, and filled with lust.

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Emily said...

Protip: the + boolean symbol is usually not necessary for a multi-word term, and is a holdover from a more complicated time.

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