Sunday, November 18, 2012


The heavens don’t stay in the same place.
The heavens can make darkness more than darkness.
The heavens can make the earth dark and the sky dark and so there.
Here they are hiding from everyone but happy.
People from Troy are tuckered out by joy.
The moon says nothing, so why do you assume?
Why do you ever assume friendly?
The horse is filled with those who would ride smaller horses.
Not miniature horses, mind you. 
Remember: we are talking about a large scale horse, moon size.
Big Horse.
Furtive are the free until like Troy they drop from joy.
Innumerable unpronounceable princes contort. 
Well, consort.
Entering into the city ...
Imagine a town that drowns in it’s own wine...
Welcome, everyone. Welcome.
Do what you must do.

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