Saturday, July 21, 2012

The pool is empty all winter. Next year I am going to sit on the bottom of it until Memorial Day with my eyes closed. I can’t wait to see what if feels like when after an uneventful nine months, I am completely drench in pool-colored water. It will be very thrilling. But most of all I can’t wait for someone to say, “Don’t do that, it sounds terrible” and for me to reply, “Sorry, I have already decided.” But really, I have only decided to say that next year I am going to sit on the bottom of a pool. And that I will stay that way until Memorial Day. And that I will be drenched in pool-colored water. I say this every year. Please notice that I never say what year it is now, and what year next year will be - only that what I do will be thrilling on a Memorial Day. 

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