Tuesday, March 27, 2012


When Lassie was first on the air, it wasn’t called LASSIE at all. It was called JEFF’S COLLIE. Why didn’t they just call it LASSIE? It’s hard to imagine a world where Jeff was more recognizable and had more star power than Lassie. And I mean any Jeff at all. There is no famous Jeff more famous than Lassie. Of course, there was a time when there was no Lassie. But then again, there was a time where there was no Jeff. Or at least, no one cared that there was a Jeff, except Jeff’s parents. Or perhaps just his mother. Jeff’s father was also Jeff. Need I say more? Perhaps not.

Except this. It was called LASSIE, at first. Many years later, they changed it to JEFF’S COLLIE. I wish I could understand everything. I can’t.

Then Jeff died of a heart attack. Jeff’s mother would have buried him, but she was dead, too.

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t of Cha said...

In the UK, all Jeffs are called Geoffs. How the Jeffs hate this.

This is my guess. But I cannot be sure.

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