Tuesday, December 06, 2011

THE SECOND ANNUAL CRISPIES: my favorite moments of inspiration: 2011 (#5)

If 28 year-old Christopher does exist, he really should.
I leave you with his vitals and a sample of his genius.


I am not connected to the simpsons in any way i am just a normal cute guy

Since i was dead small i have drawn characters from the simpsons and everywhere i go or went people called me Chris (Simpsons artist) even when i was 5 or 6. my mum is so important to me and i really like playing tricks on her as well but she made me get my own house to live in because she said she needed a break and it was getting so much for her so she got me a house and i started my facebook so...See More


Personal Information
My name is Christopher and I am 28 years old exactly. i like to draw fine detailed pictures of characters from the hit television programme the simpsons and i also like to draw other people from films that I have watched and remembered and people I see on television and in the newspaper and i have a photographic memory and i am just a man who has worked hard and practiced drawing pictures and famous people and animals and baby barn owls for 5 hours a day and 23 years of my life and i have a pet baby mole called tired eyes and he is so sweet i love him so much and he has light blue eyes.

Personal Interests
i am on the twitter @GetBentSaggy and its good.



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