Wednesday, November 30, 2011

THE SECOND ANNUAL CRISPIES: my favorite moments of inspiration: 2011 (#7)


I always forget this wonderful spinner of superreal escher-twisting vignettes because my brain wants to say "Wendy O. Williams." No, it's not her. Although Wendy S. Walters takes a chainsaw to reality much as WOW took one to snazzy muscle cars. And both seem to have tender hearts beneath their chainsaw wielding and writing persons.

Thank you Adam Robinson and Sommer Browning and Everyday Genius for bringing this wonderful stuff to our attention ...

At a dinner party I am told I sound
just like a famous comedienne
Around the table, my friends nod
to note their agreement

I have never found her funny,
and I tell them this
They say

See! You sound just like her—

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