Monday, June 15, 2009



In “An Hour’s Recreation
In Music” (Richard Alison,
1606) it’s hard not to notice
that Richard Alison says,

There cherries grow,
that none may buy
Till cherry ripe themselves
do cry.

It’s hard not to notice
because it is right
there on the page
in the first stanza
of the poem, entitled

“An Hour’s Recreation
&c &c” by Richard

I have been thinking
lately: if I threw it
away, it would be
harder to notice.

If I walked into the
street and got hit by
a bus, I could very
well die.

I can’t help it:

‘Die’ rhymes with ‘Cry’

Unless I have powers
that I don’t know
about, and wouldn’t
know about until
the bus did its
business, and if I do

I extend a handful
of cherries to you.
It’s not a trick.
I found them in

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