Thursday, April 23, 2009


A friend told me that one of the best short stories in the world was written by John Cheever and it was called _____________.

and that’s all I remember.

Now it is a warm spring day. I bought me some chicken breasts for dinner but I will probably eat hot dogs–chicken breasts take so much creativity! I said to the butcher and then I asked for a pound of mortadella – and he cut me a pound of mozzarella!

Here’s the problem: he didn’t speak English, and I didn’t speak _____________.

That’s all I remember about that.

The cilantro is cool in the refrigerator section near the pregnant women who is quite warm and moist on this warm spring day and all hot and bothered when I ask her to move because I would like to peruse the cilantro.

It has been a good day. Sadly, I will never see my friend again but if he asks me if I ever read the John Cheever story called _____________ I can say “Yes, I did, thank you it was an excellent recommendation” because I am in Heaven and Heaven is a great place to lie. In fact, now that I think about it, I think that Heaven must be a great place to do just about anything.


Ed Baker said...

just google John Cheever and you will figurwe it out after all
that's were (google) we got "telly", eh?

Molly Gaudry said...

Not sure what this post is, exactly, but the first Cheever story I ever read was in a fantasy anthology edited by Ray Bradbury. I think it was "The Enormous Radio." I became a fan. And then "The Swimmer." I still can't forget the protag slapping the ass of that statue.

Tortilla ex Machina said...

Dear Miss Guadry:

I read your blog and you do so much for humankind and I, Crispy, do so much for Crispy. How I am shamed!

And here you are doing something for me. Thank you.

I have my red John Cheever thick book and I will track down "The Enormous Radio" and then I will of course keep an eye out for any statues that are being slapped on the ass.

And I haven't forgotten WE TAKE ME APART. I wanted to discuss many aspects but it seems to lend itself more to conversation than critique.
I don't know how to do that, but perhaps at some point.

And many congratulations for THE BEST OF entry. And many congratulations for the courage of conceiving the colony project.

All the best to you!

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