Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Today somebody asked me to put periods on all of my sentences.

Today I realized that I like the Fagles’ translation of the Iliad best because it is printed on 100% rag paper which feels nice and rough and old fashioned.

Today I discovered that Ovaltine was actually first called “Ovomaltine”–a really bad typo occurred in 1909, while on its way to England.

Today Dash reminded me that I had a nightmare after watching a cartoon in which an eye popped out of a dumb man’s head, even though we laughed when it popped out before I said goodnight and went to bed.

Today I discovered that Norweigan marzipan chocolate sticks aren’t really that hot.

Today I didn’t look up the word ‘quorum’ because I think I have a good idea what it means.

Today I am still sad that I can’t use the name Edouard Glissant for a pen name. It’s already taken.

I know a bisexual actor who died of AIDS (at the age of 70!) who always played a servant or a butler or a kindly friend. He seemed really nice. His wife loved him very much.


“Sea Beans” is the most beautiful thing that you can call sea beans. If you know more about them, you will just feel really unhappy.

Cara Cara Oranges don’t just seem sweeter because their name makes you laugh–they really are sweeter!

When I see a movie for the 20th time, I look at the shoes, the counter tops, the lights, the sky, the street signs.

There are two ways to do infusions: one is cold, and takes a long time. The other, of course, is hot.

Unlike the old days, I can’t read the street signs the 20th time I see a movie. Not like the first, second, or third time.

When I see blueberry infusions, I think: roasted chicken! When I see roasted chicken, I think: disgusting movies, made in Baltimore.
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