Saturday, May 18, 2013


We were four years old and we went to the store and we ate coconut cake which was so yummy and then had another.

We were four years old and we listened to the Beatles and they sang YEAH YEAH YEAH and we screamed YEAH YEAH YEAH to the Beatles.

Now someone says The Beatles, Big Deal and they pass by the store and don’t stop and there’s a coconut on the ground and it’s dying and we’re melting.


Someone called me from Brazil, he didn’t mean to, 
and he just talked away. I tried to talk to him, too, 
but I didn’t understand anything he was saying, and I told him 

that and then I told him other things and then someone from Brazil 
answered me and probably told me that he didn’t understand 
me either and kept talking and told me other things too. When he stopped

talking I didn’t tell him that I didn’t understand what he was saying 
but instead told him about this song I had heard that I couldn’t 
get out of my mind, and all about my neighbor who always says hello 

to her husband before she gets into the house, and how to spell 
rhododendron after I told him how beautiful they were and that 
they were in my yard.  He didn’t say anything for a minute after I stopped 

talking, but then he started again, and told me all sorts of things, I am guessing
       they were about how life in Brazil was for him lately, how hard it was to stay 
in love in Brazil, and how there are no rhododendrons in Brazil. We both

laughed at the same time and then we both said GOODBYE to each other 
at the same time and then we both hung up. I missed him like you 
miss an old friend, and realized he probably would never call again, and so 

I looked up Brazil in the dictionary and discovered that Brazil was named 
after Brazilwood, that Brazil was once run by a man named Pedro, 
that you can find Toucans and Jaguars in Brazil for they are plentiful, and 

the waterfalls there are deep and lush, and will make you feel at home 
right away, if you ever decide that enough is enough, and go there 
and leave everything else except a small beige suitcase, behind.

Monday, May 13, 2013

I see warm, beautiful temperatures in store for me

mornings filled with chocolate and coconut
in the ice cream

and strawberry and lime
in the donuts

old department stores
and RX pharmacies
in the blinding sun

in a way to walk home
but not really walking

and poppyseeds

you can hardly see
but I see

I see poppyseeds

more than anything

in store for me
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