Friday, March 02, 2007


If it is a simple feeling that doesn't mean that
it is a lusty feeling. Not all simple feelings are
lusty ones. And not all lusty ones are simple
ones. Wait, they are. And they are red. Crimson,
carmine, mouth watering red. Red like the summer day,
the new fallen snow, the smile on a baby at
tea time, so sweet and innocent and unaware of
how tannic tea can be, as can be the world,
especially with a world so fraught and mischievous
as it seems to be now.

These words were spoken by a man back in the
eighteenth century. i believe it was Louis the
Something Or Other-not the famous ones, which
I think were the 14th and 15th. But it's not so
important which Louis it was, or that it even
was Louis, but the fact that it was said over
two hundred years ago, perhaps at tea time,
and still remains true today, which never
should happen when you talk about
how the times are now and that of course
loses all its meaning when the times that
you are talking about are two hundred years

Here are some other things that don't lose their
meaning over time:

skate keys
bottle caps
Louis Vitton luggage
the'paradiso' part of paradise
rugged good looks
the curtsey
my love for French people named 'Louis'

Dear Louis,

Please forgive me. I don't know what I am saying,
and I can only keep you in my heart for so long,
which is two hundred years, which is less time
than your words will remain true, more time than
all eternity which i do adore so, as I do you, and,
given the opportunity, you would perhaps have me,
as all human beings deserve to adore and be adored,
not only by others, but by themselves, no matter
how when where or by whom. I am sorry I do not
remember what number you are, but perhaps it is
for the best, for I will have no choice but to remember
you as number one.



(The Second)

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