Saturday, June 30, 2012

To see & written on the sides of trucks
I think of old families businesses and 
Fathers working with Sons
and the back doors opening 
and someone screaming 
“Open the door, goddammit Mabel!”
Because the fresh donuts are here
It’s dawn and it is Flatbush and for
the love of Mike. they’re ready to be 
put on the shelves by this guy, 
this Dad, and a boy, this son
daylight’s here and time’s a wastin’ 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Someone made fun of me because I said I would like to have fried clams at HOJO’s for my birthday. Someone said HOJO’s is out of business so you can’t have fried clams at HOJO’s anymore. Nor can you have the Fudgana nor the Tasty Tester at HOJO’s anymore because HOJO’s is out of business. You can’t sit outside HOJO’s and wait for them to open, nor can you laugh while you eat their delicious square pattied hamburgers or do you remember their delicious Chocolate Milk Shakes with whipped cream? Well you can’t have them either and I forgot to mention the Coit Tower that you can’t have along with the Peppermint Stick Ice Cream which is scrumptious and gone for good although there is one thing you can have or at least do at HOJO’s which is you can sit outside where HOJO’s used to be but you can’t wait for them to open because they will never open ever again in a big empty lot in the middle of nowhere and say I am HOJO’s look on my works, ye mighty someone told me once I think it was my wife well ex-wife.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The sky is foggy
My pants are soggy
The butler is singing!
Singing, mind you!
As a painter, I must
make this live.
Must is a stronger word
than shall
I sing

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Lucretius thought if you coated your cup with honey then drinking the bitter truth would be tasty. The bitter truth Lucretius said, was that no one invented the universe, it was just a bunch of bouncing seeds doing what they do which is bounce around everywhere forever eventually making amazing things and dull things and regular things. It was a nice idea and he made it into a beautiful poem, but everyone hated Lucretius because of what he said in it and honestly that poem made them feel afraid and alone and so they waited until he died but once he did then they buried him in a dirty hole for a thousand years. When Lucretius was uncovered, he said It’s OK, I am fine. No hard feelings. It was just seeds, he said, doing what they do, which is amazing when you think about it, even when it is really dull. Lucretius then dusted himself off and to our surprise told us that he really was pretty damned thirty if you want to know the truth.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

June 1, 2012

I had to make this day worthwhile somehow so I picked up a book called ENGLISH ROMANTIC POETRY. First of all, it wasn’t very romantic. Second of all, it was a paperback. And then when I opened it up the first thing I saw was HAIL TO THEE, BLITHE SPIRIT! which I didn't expect in a book called ENGLISH ROMANTIC POETRY.  I thought HAIL TO THEE etc. was written by Noel Coward, but this book says it was really written by PB Shelley. But what do I know about PB Shelley and Noel Coward. I just know that Shelley died young, Noel Coward died old, and that Noel Coward said witty things and drank cocktails and smoked cigarettes. If I am not mistaken, he also used cigarette holders for his cigarettes. I think they were expensive. And white dinner jackets. Noel Coward had them. And that’s all I know. And oh! Mick Jagger once read Shelley outside in a park. And Shelley had curly hair. And there were a bunch of butterflies. They were white and they died.  That’s about it. So as you can see, this day still isn’t worthwhile. Hail to thee, it says, I have made a mistake and I hate it, even though there's nothing better than a good mistake.


Laurence Olivier isn't funny, but if you watch him in a room full of people, he can be very funny. He can be very funny because he is so serious, but it’s hard to know how funny that is unless you are in a room full of people. The best time of the night is the moment before the first person in that room full of people can’t hold it inside any longer and laughs outloud at Laurence Olivier - it could even be the best time of your entire life. It’s exciting, and
Right now I am in a room full of people, and we are all waiting for Laurence Olivier to show up. It’s a nice theatre, isn’t it? He won’t be surprised when he shows up but he will be so fucking serious that it will make you want to laugh. Believe me, I know what I am talking about. This isn’t my first rodeo, nor is it the first rodeo of Laurence Olivier.
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